Budget for a cruise Halong Bay

Ancora Cruises would like to share you the budget for a cruise Halong Bay and provide the best experience for this trip. For more information, please contact us via hotline 0904628698.
In the past few years, the Halong cruise has become a popular choice for tourists around the world. Therefore, Ancora Cruises would like to provide you the budget for Halong Bay and the best experience, so you can have an unforgettable and safest journey.


Ancora Cruises share the information about the price and experiences of your trip on Halong Bay


Price of cruise tour in Halong Bay

You can visit one of the best destinations in Vietnam on Ancora cruise. On a new boat, and a luxury cabin equipped in neo-classical style you can enjoy the beautiful natural beauty of Ha Long Bay. Immerse yourself in the quiet and peaceful world, escape from the hustle and bustle. Explore and see the daily life of fishermen at fishing village. You can go kayaking to explore the spectacular beauty of the lagoon, go through the amazing white sandy beaches. Enjoy sacred kitchen with the beauty of the bay at night and then take a break in your luxurious cabin. All memorable experiences are waiting for you.

Services include:

  • 2 days and 1 night on Ancora Cruises 5 stars board.
  • Meals during the trip
  • Kayaking and Bamboo attractions.
  • Extra cost of visit
  • Tea, coffee and free water
  • Insurrance

Cruise on Halong bay for 3 days 2 nights is USD/person with discount

Cruise on Halong bay for 2 days 1 nights is USD/person with discount

Some note when you travel in Halong Bay

Most cruise company in Halong provide meals with rich menu. In addition to traditional Vietnamese dishes, international dishes are also served. You can also visit a cooking class which talking about traditional dishes right on the boat, this is an opportunity for travelers to learnt more about Vietnamese cuisine.

Travelers often want to taste local foods. However if you have allergies or you have to follow a strict diet, you can tell the kitchen to change the appropriate food.

Famillies with children will have childrens menus. Most of all company will be happy to prepare a vegetarian menu.

None of the tourists take part in cruise tours just to see the views from the deck. Sightseeing is definitely a great part of the journey, but the most interesting part of the journey is when you step of the ship. You will immersed in the picturesque landscape of Halong. There are many caves, beaches and floating villages for visitors to explore. Most of the cruises will include the exp. of famous sights of Halong by boat or kayak. In the afternoon, there will be water activities such as swimming, surfing and diving.

There are also many other boat activities such as cooking classes, movies, fishing and do Thai Cuc Quyen every morning. Don’t waste your time to have experiments with Halong Bay, sitting in the cabin and enjoy the views. Make sure that you joined all activities and have the best experience in Ha Long.

Budget Halong Bay cruises

For a happy and comfortable trip, please read the notes about how to prepare your baggage:

-Personal documents: ID card, passport, birth certificate ( when you lost your ID card, please bring drivers license…) to make a registration.

– If you are stylish and very care about your hair or teeth, then you can bring your own shower gel, shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste. Although we can provide it but the quality can not be as good as you prepare and carry from your home.

– Do not forget to bring your wide-brimmed hat and sun cream to help you avoid  the sun damage.

– Due to swimming and visiting some famous caves, its better to bring a pair of soft, easy going sandals that will make you feel more comfortable.

– If you are passionate about photography, the camera is an indispensable gadget for you to take memorable moments.

Other notes

– Read the safety notes and listen to the instructions of the staff: Before boarding you are usually instructed about safety signs when walking in the bay or to be directed to safe places, where you can find life buoys in case of accidents.

-Absolutely listen to the instructions of the service staff.

– Do not be afraid to talk with all the crew on the boat. You will be willing to share all the information you want to find out. In addition, each of them has very interesting stories on each destinations. Surely you will have useful information as well as interesting and unforgettable experience for yourself.

– You cannot bring your food and drinds on the yacht.

All information about the cost of the trip to Halong Bay, contact us immediately via hotline 0904628698.