How To Choose The Best Halong Bay Cruise

You don’t know how to choose the best cruise ship in Halong Bay?

You don’t know which cruise ships have best services?

Being different from choosing a hotel for land trips or islets, choosing a cruise ship to explore Halong Bay is much more dificult . Cruise ship is not only a place to sleep, but also the key to the quality of your holiday in Halong Bay. You will definitely not want to miss your trip due to the bad quality cruise ship, so do not skip this post!

Halong Bay is one of the seven wonders of the world recognized by UNESCO 

How to choose the best cruise ship in Halong Bay with only 6 steps?

According to many travelers, taking cruise ship is the best way to enjoy the natural landscape in Halong Bay. Unlike the islands that can be visited during the day, Halong Bay has many majestic caves far from the mainland. If you go back during the day, the long travel time will make it hard for you to fully enjoy beauty here. Only with the following 6 steps, you will easily choose a cruise ship for  your journey to explore Halong Bay.

1, The length of stay in Halong Bay

Halong Bay tour companies usually offer 2 types of cruise tours:

  • Halong Bay cruise tour for 3 days – 2 nights
  • Halong Bay cruise tour for 2 days – 1 night

If you have chance to visit Halong Bay, let’s try relaxing on the sea and spend night time on the boat with wave music, spa, … You will probably have memorable experience of taking a rest in the luxurious cabin, seeinng the vast ocean and the moonlight that you missed by the busy daily life.

2, Selecting exactly where you want to go

Although it is generally called Halong Bay, there are actually 3 other beautiful bays: Halong Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay. Thee bays all have caves, limestone rocks, exotic shaped cliffs and equally beautiful beaches.

Cruise ship tour agents have different destinations for you to choose. Because Halong Bay is always crowded and packed with boats and ships, you can choose the 2 other destinations: Bai Tu Long Bay and Lan Lan Bay for a more perfect experience.

3, Checking out the services included in the tour

To choose the best cruise ship in Halong Bay, you should carefully read the services included in the tour. You will be living in the middle of the sea, eating, traveling in the cruise ship for 2-3 days so it would be bad if the cruise ship does not provide good services.

Ask the tour operator if you have any question, read the terms in the brochure or poster and consider the reviews about the quality cruise ship before booking.

Taking a cruise ship is the best way to enjoy the natural scenery in Halong Bay

4, Searching information about different cruise operators.

You should begin to choose cruise ship for exploring Halong Bay by considering services of various cruise companies. Besides, you also need to consult the visitor’s comments as well as the rating on some popular travel websites.

5, Choosing the right services with your budget

Please do note this suggestion, you should not choosing poor quality services due to its low cost. To reduce costs, some companies will cut down some of the services on the cruise ship such as food, play activities, facilities, etc.

This affects not only your mood while traveling but also your health. Remember to consider the cost you spend with the quality of related service.

6, Booking the right tour

Tourists often book their tours at hotels and roadside travel agents, which may seem convenient but risky. Firstly, these hotels and agents will probably give you a higher price. Secondly, the quality of services on the cruise ships may not be suitable for your needs. Thirdly, depending on a hotel, dealer, or agent to book your tour will lose some of your benefits as well as your desired activities on cruise ship.


Ancora Cruises – the perfect choice for your Halong Bay holiday

You do not need to visit distant expensive Madives to live fully with nature or to experience nightsleep on the sea. Right in Halong Bay, on Ancora Cruise’s ship, you will enjoy excellent services and experience a lot strange and amazing things.

Choosing Ancora Cruises, you will have an exciting journey in Halong Bay with many activities such as visiting the floating village by rowing boat or kayak, immersing in the clear blue water at the beach on the bay and seeing many beautiful famous caves.

Neoclassical designed cruise ship with luxurious cabins having balconies directly to the sea will definitely satisfy visitors. Spa services and the bar are always open to serve visitors and ready to bring you the most relaxing and comfortable moment.

Moreover, right from the first step on the Ancora Cruise ship, you will be served cold drinks opening for a cool promised trip. Your meals will be served by professional chefs and all are made of Vietnamese fresh ingredients. In particular, we will please your taste with the classic French style of food processing.

These information above can answer to the question of how to choose the best cruise ship in Halong Bay. Wish you have a memorable holiday in Halong Bay.

If you have any questions about the cruise tour of Ancora Cruises or need to book a cruise tour, please feel free to call the Hotline +84 904 628 698 for assistance.