Ha Long Bay weather forecast in four seasons of the year

The weather in Halong Bay is divided into two different seasons. During the winter months from November to March, the weather is cold and becomes warmer in April. It is also cloudy and drizzly at this time. During the summer months (from May to October), the temperature is relatively hot. From August, there are usually storms and heavy rain.

The weather in Halong Bay is divided into two different seasons

  1. The best time for a Halong Bay tour

Halong Bay is a part of the Gulf of Tonkin which has four distinct seasons. However, two outstanding seasons are winter and summer. Winter (from November to March next year) is very cold and summer (From April – October) is hot.

Thanks to the clear division of the weather, Halong Bay becomes an attractive tourist destination. Visiting Halong Bay is the most ideal choice for Vietnamese visitors in summer (from April to October). In contrast, it is more attractive to foreign visitors in winter because of the cold air and mysterious mist surrounding this place.

As summer is the main tourist season of Halong Bay, you should probably visit there in some recommended periods of time such as from March to May or from August to October and should not visit from June to July because of the following reasons:

  • The weekends of June and July are the peak days and Halong Bay is very crowded with large number of tourists so some visitors may feel uncomfortable and inconvenient. Besides, price of services is usually higher than normal.
  • At the same time, following the nature of the weather, in June and July, there are a lot of typhoons affecting the Gulf of Tonkin and Halong Bay. Thus, let’s be careful when visiting Halong Bay at that time. You’d better visit Halong Bay soon (from March to May) or go a little later (from August to October).
  • For some unavoidable reasons that you have to travel to Halong Bay in June and July, you should hire tour operators to organize your trip because they will try their best to satisfy you and make your travel a wonderful memory.
  1. Four seasons in Halong Bay

Spring: February to April: Temperature ~ 17oC – Misty with drizzly

Summer: May to July: Temperature ~ 28oC – Blue sky, a couple of heavy showers

Fall: August to October: Temperature ~ 25oC – cloudy, windy, stormy

Spring: November to February: Temperature ~ 14oC – Cloudy, cold and rainy

  1. Clothing preparation

Visitors should follow the weather forecast before preparing for the trip. There are some good suggestions for visitors:

In hot summer (from May to September), temperatures is from 25°C to 35°C. Visitors, therefore, should wear shorts, dresses and T-shirts.

In the cold season (from October to April), the temperature is from 10°C to 15°C. Visitors, therefore, should wear light jacket, scarf…

In the time of boating, swimwear, sunscreen, hats and sunglasses should be prepared.

In the time of visiting fishing village and caves, sports shoes and comfortable clothes should be prepared.

  1. Tour cancellation due to bad weather:

The daily schedule of Halong cruises can be delayed, shortened or canceled due to bad weather such as thunderstorms (in summer), foggy days (in winter) and monsoon (in winter). This issue is beyond the control of the cruises so we suggest that you should check the weather forecast at least one day before each trip to plan and prepare the best for the tour in Halong bay.

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Other considerations when going on cruise tourism in Halong Bay

Please remember to check the weight of goods when shopping (before pay money for your goods, you’d better weigh a water bottle of 550ml first to identify whether the shop’s scale is false or not)

You will not be allowed to bring drinks or food on the cruise ship when you sleep on there.

Please don’t litter garbage on the cruise ship.

Follow the safety regulations on Halong Cruises and on the beach to get you on a trip of safety and happiness.

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