Halong Bay in Vietnam- one of the most popular destinations

Halong Bay is located in the North East of Vietnam and it is part of the Gulf of Tonkin, including Cam Pha Town and Ha Long City and Van Don Island District. The east of Halong Bay is the sea, its southwest part is next to Cat Ba Island, the rest is adjacent land with a coastline of 120 km long. This area includes 1969 islands (989 named islands and 980 unnamed islands).

 Halong Bay in Việt Nam– the top tourist destination


Characteristics of Halong Bay

The islands in Halong Bay are mainly limestone and shale islands and they are located in two main areas: southeast of Bai Tu Long Bay and southwest of Halong Bay. These islands formed about 250 million to 280 million years ago. They are the result of almost complete erosion and the weather of the limestone mountains and all of these things make up the unique Halong Bay in the world.

In a small area, thousands of islands with different shapes look like sparkling emerald attached to a virgin’s blue scarf. The area has many rocky islands with breathtaking views and caves is the center of the natural heritage – Halong Bay which includes Halong Bay and a part of Bai Tu Long Bay.

Halong Bay recognized as a world natural heritage is 434 km square and has 775 islands. This place is like a giant triangle with three angles including Dau Go Island (in the west), Ba Ham Lake (in the south) and Cong Tay Island (in the east).

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Halong Bay in Vietnam looks like a beautiful watercolor picture

Looking from above, Halong Bay looks like a beautiful watercolor picture. This is a wonderful and ingenious masterpiece of creativity and nature. Nature turns thousands of lifeless stone islands into magnificent sculptures with many charming, familiar and unique shapes. Thousands of islands reflect in the clear blue water that takes us into a mysterious world covered by different rocks named after their shapes. Human Head Island shapes like someone heading towards the coast. Dragon Island shapes like a flying dragon. La Vong Island looks like an old man sitting fishing. Canh Buom Island looks like big sails struggling with the wind to discover the sea. Rock of “The Kissing Cocks” looks like a pair of loving chickens playing together in the sea. These islands are very lively and soulful.

Inside the rocky islands are different caves such as Thien Cung, Wood Head, Sung Sot, Virgin, Tam Cung…. These are wonderful “palaces” on earth. In the past, Halong Bay was described by the national poet Nguyen Trai: “A wonder of the earth is set high.” People around the world were surprised by the majestic scenery of Halong Bay. No words can describe the richness and splendor of this place. Halong Bay is also associated with the glory of Vietnamese history and with famous sites such as Van Don – a busy commercial port in the 12th century, charming Bai Tho mountain, and Bach Dang River which witnessed two famous naval battles of Vietnamese ancestors against the invaders. In addition, Halong is one of the cradles of human culture in the late Neolithic. The relics were discovered at archeological sites such as Dong Mang, Xich Tho, Soi Nhu and Thoi Gieng.

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The breathtaking caves – tourist attractions

Halong Bay is filled with diverse tropical ecosystems including coastal mangrove habitat, coral reefs, seagrass habitat and tropical tree forests. It is also habitat for thousands of plant and animal species, such as shrimp, fish and squid. Some species are particularly rare and cannot be found anywhere else.

With such special biodiversity values, at the 18th session of the UNESCO World Heritage Council held on December 17, 1994 in Thailand, Halong Bay was officially listed as a Heritage Site of natural World. In 2000, UNESCO secondly recognized it as the World Heritage site for geographic and geomorphological values. This affirms the world’s leading value of Halong Bay.

Halong Bay – a travel destination should not be missed

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