Onboard Safety

Onboard Safety and Security

Safety and security of our passengers is always our first and foremost priority. Our ships are designed and operated in compliance with the strict requirements of Vietnam marine law international safety regulations. They are also fully equipped with safety facilities which are regularly tested to ensure that they are in proper working order. Life vests are prepared both inside your cabin and in public spaces like restaurant, corridor, reception area. We also make sure there are extra lifeboats which can accommodate more than maximum people onboard. These lifeboats can be found on the side of the sundeck.

Our technical team will do a full-scale inspection prior to sailing. If there’s any potential error or threats, the ships are not allowed to depart. During the cruise, the sailors take turns to check the engine room and have people on bridge watch.

All Ancora Cruises’ officers and crew undergo comprehensive regular safety and emergency training. Especially, the crew members onboard get advanced training to handle emergency situations and help the guests. They are required to obtain a training certificate from the local Government.

We take firefighting seriously with a system of fire smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, fire alarm all over the ship. It is crew’s normal procedure to conduct a periodical fire drill where everyone knows their role in case of emergency and how to keep passengers and themselves safe.

The authority and relevant third-party also conduct the routine inspection of our ships and safety procedure. Ancora Cruises have been maintaining an excellent record.

Onboard Security

Passenger’s security onboard is as important as the ship’s smooth operation. To ensure a secure environment for guests, CCTV is installed throughout the ship except for your private cabin. There is a safe box where you can keep your personal belongings, in every cabin.

Your luggage during embarkation and disembarkation, are handled by Ancora’s crew so that you can rest assure your baggage are in good hands.

Every activity in your cruise including onboard activities and activities you join during offboard excursion comes with detailed instruction and one of our experienced tour guides. If there are any difficulties, the tour guide will make a notice in advance. In fact, all activities in the itinerary are designed and tested to suit most of the normal guests regardless of age and skills.

As a part of the regular cruise programme, the Cruise Manager does a safety briefing on safety procedures so that every guest are prepared in case of an emergency.

Food Safety

Food safety has always been a critical concern for us. Ancora Cruises keep food supply, storage and food processing under strict control. All of the ingredients used onboard come from a safe source which is inspected and certified by food safety regulatory agency. New food supply is loaded onboard once every two days which are then stored in a proper temperature, environment, and containers to keep the freshness.

Our kitchen staffs have in-depth knowledge of food safety including a high level of personal and equipment hygiene, keeping food sample, wearing correct uniform…

There is no food poisoning ever recorded on Ancora Cruises.

No charge for cancellations made more than 7 days prior to departure date. Cancellations received within 4-7 days prior to departure date will incur 50% of total charge. Cancellations received within 3 days prior to departure date or No-Show cases will incur 100% of total charge. This booking is Non-Refundable and cannot be amended or modified.